Management of Greying of Hairs (Sheeb) and Use of Hair Dyes (Khizaab) in Unani Medicine
Management of Greying of Hairs (Sheeb) and Use of Hair Dyes (Khizaab) in Unani Medicine
CellMed. 2018. May, 8(2): 7.1-7.12
  • Received : May 05, 2018
  • Published : May 31, 2018
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Rani, Seema

Greying of hairs or Canities (Sheeb) is a hair disorder characterized by premature graying of scalp hair, beard, moustache etc. In Unani system of medicine (USM), the causes of premature greying of hairs, concept behind graying of hairs, principles of treatment, preparations that prevent premature greying of hairs, regimen, systemic and local treatment to stimulate pigmentation and the most interesting point is the use of different type of hair dyes (khizabat) is all illustrated. Classical texts described black, red, blond and white hair dye preparations with formulae and method of use. Initially for the hair graying management, utilizing simple and complex substances from plants, minerals, metals and mixture of these was the main method, which satisfied the desire to change the colour of the hair. With the advancement in chemical science, dyes formulaes, method of formation and application are changed. But due to the awareness about demerits of chemical dyes, people are looking back towards the natural ways to combat hair greying and herbal hair dye is an alternative. This paper is an overview of Unani drugs of local and internal use for hair greying with special attention towards herbal dyes. Most commonly used herbs in khizaab with their actions and constituents has been summarized. This is an effort to globalize the benefits of Unani herbs in hair greying problem. In short, International demand for hair dyes has been steadily growing and there is a wide scope for exploring different aspects of hair greying treatment and dyes in USM.
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