Pharmacological Studies on Melilotus officinalis Extract
Pharmacological Studies on Melilotus officinalis Extract
Korean Journal of Pharmacognosy. 1983. Jun, 14(2): 51-59
  • Published : June 30, 1983
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Hong, N.D.
Won, D.H.
Kim, N.J.

Experimental studies were made with Melilotus officinalis extract which was extracted from flowers and leaves of Melilotus officinalis Dsr. (Leguminosae). In this paper, acute toxicity, analgesic action, prolongation of hypnosis time by induced pentobarbital-Nain mice, antiinflammatory effect in rats and effects on isolated intestines of mice and rats were studied, The result was as follows; 1. Very low toxicity in mice. 2. Analgesic action was recognized markedly in mice. 3. Prolongation of hypnosis time induced by pentobarbital-Na in mice was shown. 4. Relaxing action was shown on the isolated ileum in mice and antagonistic action was seen on $BaCl_2-induced$ contraction of the ileum that the relaxing effect of the intestinal smooth muscle was recognized. 5.Antiinflammatory effect was shown markedly in mice. 6.Hypotensive and vaso-dilating actions due to the vascular smooth muscle relaxation were noted in rabbits.